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GlobalLink OneLink

Launch and maintain global websites with low IT involvement and minimal software investment. How? OneLink eliminates the need to link interoperable (or not) systems like CMS, databases, and document management tools. Simply add a link to your current site—OneLink does the rest.

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GlobalLink Project Director

Manage the localization lifecycle with ease with Project Director. Pull together and manage translation tasks from multiple internal stakeholders, business units, file formats, vendors, and IT environments through a user-friendly web portal. We’re talking global content management regardless of file type or size.

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GlobalLink Translation & Review Portal

A collaborative environment in which translators and reviewers can manage the language validation process, start to finish. No prior knowledge of translation software needed—it’s all through an intuitive, user-friendly web-based interface.

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GlobalLink Portal

A centralized, cost-effective way for internal localization managers to manage their company’s translation projects. No technical overhead required—this portal’s a feature-rich, fully hosted solution.

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GlobalLink Term Manager

A collaborative environment in which companies can control preferred language, usage, and brand voice and share glossary resources in real time. Modify, review, search, and delete existing words in this web-based management tool.

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GlobalLink TM Server

Streamline the translation process and reduce costs by leveraging existing content. Brand accuracy and accelerated time to market—yes, please.

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Deal Interactive Virtual Data Room

Secure online hosting for your due diligence documents. Expedite your due diligence process and expand your market reach faster.

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