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Response to Natural Disasters in Asia

The cyclone that hit Myanmar on May 2, 2008 caused thousands of deaths and the widespread destruction of homes, roads, water and sanitation systems, fuel supplies, and electricity infrastructure. In the wake of this tragedy, TransPerfect CEOs Liz Elting and Phil Shawe created the TransPerfect Employee Matching Program. A company-wide fundraiser, with individual employee donations matched by TransPerfect, raised thousands of dollars for CARE International, one of the few relief agencies with access to the affected areas. So far, over 115,000 people have been helped by CARE's unwavering dedication to providing aid to the affected villages, many of which are not on any maps and are very difficult to reach.


Shortly afterwards, on May 12, 2008, the worst natural disaster to hit China in 30 years came in the form of a massive earthquake that killed 69,000 and injured 374,000 more. Millions of people were left homeless, and the area's buildings and critical infrastructure were ravaged. Under the TransPerfect Employee Matching Program, company employees donated in support of the American Red Cross in China. Thanks to the relief efforts of this organization, more than one million survivors have received aid in the form of:

  • Hundreds of trucks transporting relief items on a daily basis
  • Over 35,000 staff and volunteers on the ground distributing food, water, tents and other essential items
  • Healthcare professionals equipped to provide medical services where needed

  • Psychosocial support teams to serve the emotional needs of survivors
  • Water and sanitation emergency response units to provide clean water and proper sanitation to affected communities
  • Several projects targeted towards long term rebuilding and recovery efforts

TransPerfect’s fundraising efforts are just a small part of an ongoing commitment to serving the community and the world. Because we take pride in doing our part to serve those in need, all donations made by employees under the TransPerfect Employee Matching Program will be matched dollar-for-dollar by TransPerfect.