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Translations.com’s vision is to be the world's premier provider of global language and business solutions. We will accomplish this by applying all of our passion, dedication, and innovation to help our clients improve their businesses and achieve their goals on a global scale.


Core Values

1) Integrity
Exhibit the Utmost Integrity - We believe that there is no more important trait in business and in life than integrity. We cannot respect others that do not exhibit it, and we cannot expect others to respect us without it. It is of the utmost importance that we unfailingly conduct ourselves ethically and honestly and commit to always doing the right thing, no matter how difficult that may be.

2) Quality
Deliver the Highest Quality - We always deliver the highest quality end products and solutions, and pride ourselves on providing nothing less than superior work—time and time again. When our clients depend on us for quality, they are trusting us with their businesses. We understand that trust is both precious and fragile, and we stand behind the quality of our work to earn and keep that trust. We will consistently delight our clients through the quality of our products and solutions.

3) Service
Provide Outstanding Service - When it comes to service, our clients depend on us to be consultative, proactive, and solutions oriented. We will consistently exceed our clients’ expectations by underpromising and overdelivering. Our overarching goal is to spoil our clients, by WOWing them every single day, and we will settle for nothing less.

4) Own It
Act As If You Own It - We believe in empowering every person in the company to make decisions that have the potential to impact the entire organization. This means our people will continually innovate, and be ultimately accountable, as if they owned the company. We promote a positive, energizing, and fun environment. We passionately show pride in our brands and our heritage and aggressively promote and protect our reputation.

5) Urgency
Work with a Sense of Urgency - We always operate speedily in response time to our clients and to each other. We establish short and long term deadlines and goals in order to achieve more. We are succinct and to the point in our interactions. Our meetings are not to discuss but to decide. Time and complacency are our enemies and we will never succumb to them. We have a compulsive determination to move quickly, and to win, now.

6) Respect
Treat Everyone with Respect - Respect must be given before it can be earned, and it is highly contagious. We commit ourselves to always treating everyone with whom we interact—from our clients to our co-workers to our vendors to our business partners—with the ultimate level of respect.

7) Teamwork
Operate as a Cohesive Team - By promoting independent thinking and aligned action, our organization of individuals will accomplish great things. We personally commit to the success and well being of our teammates. We help each other by providing coaching and feedback. We work with one another as a team to accomplish results and to be the best.

8) Diversity
Celebrate Diversity - Meaningful progress and accomplishments come about as a result of embracing new ideas and differing perspectives. At TransPerfect we celebrate diversity in backgrounds, diversity in beliefs, diversity in thought, and diversity in action as sources of our strength.

9) Financial Responsibility
Be Financially Responsible - We all need to use our wisdom, business savvy, and financial responsibility to do more with less and treat the company’s money like our own. A business cannot be a great one unless people in every role make sound financial decisions. As a result, our organization will grow responsibly and sustainably, and we will advance the best interests of our people and our clients.

10) Results
Achieve Results - We focus on finding solutions and achieving results, rather than making excuses or placing blame. We accept personal accountability for our own actions and results. We prize results over form. We have a "can-do" attitude and drive to get the job done and done well. We achieve results and celebrate.