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Software Localization and Testing

Your app in every language. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

It’s possible with Translations.com’s full-lifecycle software solution for software globalization: strategy, consultation, localization, testing and QA. Or, in other words: Your Apple and Android apps in every language. Your desktop app in every language. Your customers in every language.

Software Localization Process

Our localization engineers are the best at what they do. No, really. They approach the seemingly daunting task of software localization by breaking it down to its key components and applying their process-oriented methodology. We combine the translation industry’s most advanced knowledge and tools with our famous client-focused sense of urgency.

The result? Comprehensive localization at blazing-fast speeds.

We Know How

Software Testing & Quality Assurance

We test, then test, then test some more. And then again. And then once more to be certain.

Our approach to testing ensures that your localization project—no matter how big or small—performs consistently in all languages (and browsers, and operating systems, and channels, and devices).

Common issues include:

Text Expansion
Text Expansion / Truncation
Externalization of Strings
Externalization of Strings
Incorrect Translation
Incorrect Translations
Character Encoding
Character Encoding / Fonts
Software Localization
Locale Issues
software translation

Testing Process

Translations.com tailors our approach to meet the needs of your organization and workflow while adhering to industry best practices. 

We have an arsenal of linguistics and functionality testers, a testing center based in Boulder, CO, and our global, full-service, offshore hubs. We follow an eight-step testing process to ensure the best possible results:

  • Conduct project analysis, during which all goals, guidelines, and deliverables are defined
  • Create a test plan, which provides the roadmap for the entire project
  • Define all test cases
  • Identify and train the ideal QA team
  • Set up test environments
  • Set up the bug workflow
  • Conduct testing
  • Update documentation and translation memories

Android App Localization

The Android operating system is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world, beating both the Apple iPhone's iOS and Blackberry. Given Android’s large, worldwide user base, it is becoming imperative to localize your Android Applications. Localizing your Android App is the most cost-effective way to grow your revenue and user base.

All Translations.com needs to translate your Android App is the files with existing text strings that need to be translated.

To learn more about translating your mobile app, please Contact Translations.com's Android Localization Team.