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Energy and Power Industry Translation

Exploration. Drilling. Refining. Retail marketing. The energy industry travels a long road, and communication is critical, every step of the way. From start to finish, Translations.com can work with you in all stages of energy production on all of your translation and localization projects.

Energy and Power Industry Translation and Language Services

Translations.com’s energy and power industry specialists have over 25 years’ experience supporting this important, highly-regulated sector. We follow an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified quality management system, and the linguists we match to our clients are industry specialist subject matter experts.

Energy and Power Industry Translation

The Translations.com Energy Practice is filled with expert project managers and linguists who understand the translation requirements of the full spectrum of energy and power industry translation needs. From exploration and drilling to refining and retail marketing, we can work with you in all stages of energy production.

Over our 25 years working in this sector, we’ve seen a lot of our key clients undergo consolidation; the resulting mergers place increased pressure on leaders to turn planned synergies into real revenue.

Our approach to translation and localization is a lot like the energy and power industry’s approach to consolidation: a commitment to great cost- and time-efficiencies on a global enterprise scale. We minimize efforts and reduce duplicate work to add value for our clients, all while implementing best-in-class translation technologies and fostering collaboration amongst disparate groups in your organization. We offer a centralized platform for managing translation requests, ensuring brand consistency—and measurable savings.

Learn how Translations.com can help you reach your translation and localization goals.

Energy and Power Industry Document Translation

Translations.com provides translation and language services to the world’s leading energy and power companies. Why? We have the language skills, the subject matter expertise, and the experience to meet all of your localization needs. Our worldwide network of over 5,000 linguists and translation resources are rigorously tested for subject-matter knowledge in fields including:

  • Equipment and Services
  • Exploration and Production
  • Power Generation
  • Industrial
  • Refining
  • Energy Transportation
  • Marketing and Trading
  • Renewables and Utilities

With over 90 offices across the globe, Translations.com offers unrivaled turnaround times, round-the-clock client support, and 24/7 production capabilities—and ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Energy Translation Client List

Translations.com is proud to serve some of the world’s leading power and energy industry corporations. To view a case study of what our solutions can do for the energy sector please contact us.

  • Baker Hughes
  • BP
  • Cameco Corporation
  • Chevron
  • ConocoPhillips
  • ExxonMobil
  • Marathon Oil
  • Shell Oil Company
  • Transworld Oil