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Multilingual Training and E-Learning
Translation Services

We bridge the potential gaps in understanding by employing a team of linguists with experience in creating and adapting world-class learning solutions for a global audience.

Global E-Learning and Training Translation Services

Does your corporate training and sales programming and documentation cross borders as swiftly as you do? Translations.com is a leader in the translation and localization of corporate training initiatives and documentation. We don’t just translate the words—we bring your intended message to life in each and every target language.

Whether you’re dealing with onboarding and training an international workforce, introducing continuing education sales training incentives, or aiming for stronger customer satisfaction in a flagging market, we can take your international, multilingual team to the next level.


Computer-Based Training (CBT)
Translation and Localization

When you need multilingual content development, you want it fast, accurate, and under budget. Translations.com is a leader in multilingual content development because we provide just that.

Training is critical to the success of any company. We train and train and train our own linguists—we understand. Investing in learning content that is the best it can be is critical.

Computer-based training

  • Web-based training
  • SCORM (Shareable Content Object Reference Model) compliant training courses
  • Self-paced assessment and certification programs
  • Multimedia development applications
  • Learning management and learning content management systems

We bake the quality assurance process right into the larger globalization process, so nothing gets left behind. Your training goals will be met in each and every language you choose.