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Global Content Authoring Management

Take control of each piece of your content with global content management,
authoring tools, CMS consulting, and more.

Structured Content Management

We’re dedicated to structured content management solutions—so dedicated, in fact, that two members of our worldwide family of companies specialize in XML/DTA content solutions. We have two robust, scalable, fully supported and actively developed platforms to choose from:


CMS Consulting

What’s your content management strategy? Oh, don’t have one—or need a better one? Translations.com’s Vasont Systems division has workshops, consulting, and more resources for content management and related topics (e.g. XML, SGML, DITA).

We can assist with everything CMS:

  • Analyze current CMS strategy and provide roadmap for improvements.
  • Explore opportunities for integration with other systems to boost efficiency.
  • Review current CMS structure to maximize content use and reduce authoring time.
  • Design cross-departmental and multi-departmental workflows for effective content sharing.

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ABREVE Content Authoring and Optimization

Be accurate. Be consistent. Be concise. Your training, manuals, and other documentation should be short and sweet—as well as globalized. ABREVE is a patent-pending globalization solution that does exactly that:

  • Reduces source text volume.
  • Dramatically reduces costs of localization and deployment.
  • Improves content consistency and usability.
  • Streamlines multilingual content development process.

By combining the writing, editing, and content structuring processes with state-of-the-art translation memory (TM) tools and leveraging original content, ABREVE provides maximum usability and much lower costs.

Learn more about ABREVE.