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Vasont Systems

A key difference between Vasont Systems and other software companies is that our clients can rely on the consistency of our team as well as our dedicated and honest service before, during, and after the sale. 

CMS Implementation and Support Services

Purchasing a perpetual license or hosted CMS from Vasont Systems is an important first step to enhancing the content management capabilities of your organization. However, it is by no means the final step. Effective implementation is also essential to getting the most out of your content management software and learning how to use it efficiently. Vasont Systems offers full XML content management software (CMS) implementation services to new clients who purchase the Vasont Content Management System.

DITA Content Management System

The Vasont DITA CMS is a DITA XML content management system that enables organizations to store their multilingual content as a secure, trusted source for maximum reuse and dynamic publishing. It allows users to effectively manage, maximize, and measure the reuse of their content. Vasont's DITA CMS capabilities complement and enhance DITA, allowing users to be highly productive with these features:

Advanced Security
Management of Modular Content
Enhanced Content Searching
and more

Learn more at  www.vasont.com/solutions

XML Content Management Systems

If yours is like most organizations these days, you probably have content, such as text, graphics and charts, in numerous locations like websites, users' manuals, training materials and directories. If so, you recognize the need to accurately replicate content across these multiple channels to ensure you're providing consistent information. There's also the challenge of making information available in a number of different languages to meet the demands of the modern global marketplace.

However, effective content management poses quite a challenge. Communications departments don't always have the resources to keep up with the demands of constantly changing and evolving information needs. Chances are you need these valuable members of your organization to work on the most pressing communications issues requiring immediate attention.

Learn more at www.vasont.com/solutions